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Assistive Technology (AT) Financial Aid

We serve children and aging adults; veterans, their spouses and children; and the homeless. We serve individuals living with disability and life-altering illness, regardless of your situation. We serve those who are economically challenged, unemployed, uninsured, or experiencing gaps in their coverage.

We serve people.

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item that is used to help someone living with a disability successfully function at home, in school, at work, and in the community. The purpose of our AT program is to fill the gaps in service by providing financial aid to obtain specialized assistive devices necessary to enhance and improve everyday living.


Diabetic Shoes & Orthotic Devices

Portable Ramps & Lift Chairs

Hearing Aids & Devices

Adaptive Communication Aids

Vehicle Equipment Carriers

Specialized seating

Other items may be available


Letter of Medical Necessity for item requested

Proof of Social Security Number

Proof of Bexar County or surrounding area address

**For Veterans: Proof of Texas address

Proof of income

Service Agreement Fee

Income guidelines apply. Please call for more details.

Set An Appointment Today!

The first step for all Project MEND programs is to get a prescription or Letter of Medical Necessity for the needed medical equipment or AT device and email it to rx@projectmend.org. Once a prescription has been secured, an appointment can be scheduled by completing this service agreement and emailing to rx@projectmend.org or faxing to (210) 223.6441. For questions, please call (210) 223.6363.


Your support of our mission is critical. Your support can be a financial gift, a donation of gently used medical equipment, or a donation of your time as a volunteer. Your gift in any form makes medical equipment reusable and available for those in need.

To make a donation online through a secure connection with QGiv, please click the “donate” button. To volunteer your time, visit our volunteer page or email volunteer@projectmend.org. Email stephanie.kotick@projectmend.org to receive our quarterly newsletter.

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