Christopher is a 9 year old living with Down Syndrome, Autism, Hip Dysplasia and Scoliosis.


The coupling of these conditions often results in developmental and intellectual delays; pain and discomfort in the joints; and general difficulties with activities of daily living. Christopher, in particular, finds that he tires easily and walking becomes a serious challenge.


For a child who has limitations related to walking, running, playing and general movement, parents are often tasked with being more physically involved in the day-to-day care. For years, Christopher’s parents used a toddler-sized stroller for easy and lightweight transportation. But at 9 years old, a toddler stroller is just too small and not designed to safely hold the weight of a growing boy.


A parent’s top priority is to make sure their child is happy, healthy, safe and comfortable.


The cost of a new, appropriately-sized stroller was prohibitive for the family and after receiving a denial from their insurance company, Christopher’s parents were at a loss.

San Antonio is brimming with nonprofit organizations committed to improving the quality of life for individuals in need, and many of these organizations work closely together to more fully serve the needs of the clients. One of our partner agencies – Autism Treatment Center – referred Christopher to Project MEND, hopeful we would have the solution Christopher and his family needed; and with support from the Harvey Najim Foundation, we successfully put Christopher through our Medical Equipment Reuse Program and provided him with a professionally refurbished, donated 14’ EZ Rider Stroller.


With his new, larger stroller, Christopher is able to continue his active life, knowing he has a safe and secure place to rest when needed; and his parents are incredibly grateful that the community was able to provide resources resulting in Christopher getting this important piece of equipment.




By placing the right piece(s) of equipment into the hands of a person who has no other means to acquire it, lives are transformed and valuable pieces of medical equipment are kept out of local landfills. What we do is simple, innovative, and unique: we provide refurbished medical equipment and other assistive technology devices to individuals who need it.

Place much needed equipment into the life of a person living with a disability today.



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