Medical Equipment Reuse Program

We accept donations of gently used medical equipment from the community (i.e. hospitals, clinics, and individuals) and refurbish, sanitize, and distribute the medical equipment to Texans in need. We are the oldest, largest, licensed nonprofit medical equipment reuse facility in the state of Texas. Some examples of home medical equipment available through our program include wheelchairs, power scooters, hospital beds, tub transfer benches, and all types of walkers. To learn more about our Medical Equipment Reuse Program, please click here.

Assistive Technology (AT) Financial Aid

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item that can be used to help someone with a disability successfully function at home, school, or work and in the community. The purpose of this program is to fill the gaps in service by providing financial aid to obtain items not available in our inventory needed to improve a person’s quality of life. Some examples of AT include diabetic shoes, portable ramps, cranial helmets, hearing aids, and other communication devices. To learn more about our Assistive Technology (AT) Financial Aid Program, please click here.


More than 25,000 children in the San Antonio area are in need of specialized medical devices. Project MEND KIDS provides services to infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of 18. We do not focus on any one particular cause of disability; but rather, work to support any family in need of assistance for their child. Project MEND KIDS provides refurbished medical equipment and financial assistance for specialized assistive technology, which promotes the health, growth, and self-sufficiency of children living with disabilities. Learn more about Project MEND KIDS by clicking here.


Project MEND is honored to serve those who served. We assist any person discharged from the armed forces of the United States and their family members, including surviving spouses and dependents, through our Medical Equipment Reuse and Assistive Technology (AT) Financial Aid Programs. A service connected disability is not required nor is a disability rating issued by the VA. We are proud to be sponsored by a variety of agencies that support Texas veterans. To learn more about our Veterans Program, please click here.

Set An Appointment Today!

The first step for all Project MEND programs is to get a prescription or Letter of Medical Necessity for the needed medical equipment or AT device and email it to rx@projectmend.org. Once a prescription has been secured, an appointment can be scheduled by completing this service agreement and emailing to rx@projectmend.org or faxing to (210) 223.6441. For questions, please call (210) 223.6363.

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