For over 27 years, Project MEND has provided professionally refurbished and sanitized medical equipment and other assistive technology items to individuals of all ages who are living with a disability and/or illness in South Texas. We complete our impactful mission through three service provisions: Medical Equipment Reuse, Assistive Technology Financial Aid and Medical Equipment Repairs.

Medical Equipment Reuse Program

Through Medical Equipment Reuse, Project MEND collects donations of previously used medical equipment from nursing homes, medical equipment companies, partner agencies and individuals. After being evaluated for its safe use, the equipment is professionally refurbished, sanitized to the State standard, repaired and logged into available inventory. Once available, Project MEND distributes the equipment to individuals in need.

Assistive Technology Financial Aid

Assistive Technology Financial Aid allows Project MEND to assist in the purchase of items not available for immediate distribution from our inventory and often more specialized/unique to the individual in nature. Through established partnerships with various medical equipment and assistive technology companies, prosthetic and orthotic agencies and labs, we provide a maximum of $1000 per person (when funding is available), paid directly to our vendors, for the purchase of these items. You may qualify for the Veterans’ Assistance Program.

Set An Appointment Today!

To complete your virtual intake, please give us a call at 210-223-6363 option #2. Please note that a doctor’s prescription or Letter of Medical Necessity is required for all medical equipment.

For questions, please call (210) 223.6363.

  • Proof of Texas address and veteran status (by way of DD-214, Texas ID, Military ID, etc.) required
  • Letter of Medical Necessity or prescription (Rx) is required for all requested medical equipment and Assistive Technology devices
  • Service connected disability is NOT required
  • Disability rating issued by the VA is NOT required

This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance.