Michelle is a hard-working young woman who enjoys being with her family and active in her community. While dependent on the use of a power chair she does not allow her disability to get in the way of her life. One day her power chair just stopped working leaving her unable to be mobile, independent, and most importantly unable to work to support her family.

Although Michelle does have insurance, she was told it would be 8 months to a year before she could get assistance with repairs needed. She also tried to reach out to the company who she initially received the chair from, but the repairs would be too costly. Thankfully her coworkers put out a call to action for help on United Way’s Bexar Necessities platform and Project MEND yielded the call.

Project MEND was able to repair Michelle’s power chair and get her back to work and being active with her community. Her co-workers are so happy to have her back in the office. We at Project MEND are so thankful we were able to restore her mobility and independence back. As Michelle’s co-worker so brilliantly put it “It takes a village to make things happened and it was proven from the support Michelle received”.

Project MEND was able to repair Michelle’s power chair due to generous equipment donations we receive from the community. Please consider donating your used medical equipment to Project MEND so that we can help others like Michelle in the community. #Donate-Reuse-Repeat.


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