Arturo is an older gentleman living with Diabetes and right leg amputation.


We met Arturo in January of 2018 after he was referred to us by CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, with a prescription for a power chair, for difficulties with mobility related to the loss of his leg.

Power Chairs are one of our most requested items, but they are rarely donated and by far one of the most difficult and time consuming pieces of equipment to refurbish.

Through years of experience, our Warehouse Technicians have learned the trade of professionally refurbishing and modifying power chairs to fit the precise needs of the client; we can add: power seat lift, power legs (i.e. adjustable foot rests), seat belts, lateral supports, head braces, chest harnesses, running light, blinkers, and more. We have the capability of truly adapting a power chair to accommodate the unique needs of the person utilizing it.

And for Arturo, we were able to do the same: we refurbished a previously owned power chair with help from the City of San Antonio and provided it to Arturo to use for as long as it is needed.


Arturo feels “very blessed to have been brought to Project MEND” and believes we helped him to “be more mobile and independent.”




By placing the right piece(s) of equipment into the hands of a person who has no other means to acquire it, lives are transformed and valuable pieces of medical equipment are kept out of local landfills. What we do is simple, innovative, and unique: we provide refurbished medical equipment and other assistive technology devices to individuals who need it.

Place much needed equipment into the life of a person living with a disability today.



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