Gail is a 67-year-old who lost the ability to move around freely two years ago. Her husband, Tim, a US Veteran, wanted to get her some medical equipment so she could move around on her own as she was starting to fall into a depression. Not knowing where to go, he went to Goodwill who then sent him over to Project MEND. We were able to get her both a transport chair and a walker to use to get around in and out of the house.

Thanks to those items, Gail has more mobility and the relief needed to be able to cook for her family again. As her husband said, “because of Project MEND’s positive attitude and eagerness to help, I was able to see my wife smile again – a rare sight for me”.


Walkers with Wheels

Shower Chairs

Power Chairs

Hospital Beds

Hoyer Lift





Tub Transfer Benches