Our Capital Campaign

The staff and Board of Directors of Project MEND have unanimously agreed to move forward with a $3.6 million dollar capital campaign to build a headquarters that will combine program staff and our warehouse in one building in order to greatly enhance the experience of our customers and expand the numbers we serve.

For the first time in years, customers will be able to see their caseworker again, tell them about their needs, fill out the needed paperwork and receive their equipment all in the same place, often on the same day, just like before.

Our new space will include:

  • Training/demonstration space for our customers to try out their new device in real-world scenarios to ensure safety
  • Adequate warehouse space to collect larger pieces of equipment, including stairlifts and chair lifts for vehicles;
  • A repair center where we will be able to repair equipment for both our customers and the general public as an earned revenue stream

We cannot do this without you.

Through this campaign, together we can:

  • Create a customer-first experience for the 1,700 individuals we serve annually
  • Meet the need of the expanding aging adult population
  • Serve more veterans who desperately need our help
  • Expand our services to include earned revenue streams to positively affect our bottom line
  • Provide additional assistance to children who have outgrown their equipment before they are allotted another one through insurance
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