Roy, Project MEND client, received forearm crutches from our Project MEND Medical Equipment Reuse program



Roy was involved in an accident that almost cost him his life.


Roy was a normal 46-year-old until he was involved in a major rollover car accident in 2016. He had no other passengers except for his loyal dog, who unfortunately did not survive. Roy was in the hospital for over three months fighting for his life; he sustained multiple broken bones and several, serious internal injuries.


At times, Roy’s family was not sure he would pull through.


After finally returning home, he sadly returned to the hospital one week later because of severe neck and head pain. With his fragile state, his doctors took all necessary precautions and unfortunately found a serious infection in his left leg resulting in the pain and complications.


It was a difficult decision, but the doctors had no other option but to amputate Roy’s left leg.


Roy became a below-the-knee-amputee, but was finally feeling better and began the road to recovery. Initially, Roy was using standard crutches to move about, but they were starting to irritate his arms; and Roy refused to be confined to the wheelchair, concerned this life-altering incident would “stop his life.”


Roy was referred to Project MEND to receive forearm crutches which allows mobility without his arms/armpits feeling uncomfortable.


Roy’s overall goal is to continue his rehabilitation, receive a prosthesis, and get back to work so he can return to who he was before the accident.




By placing the right piece(s) of equipment into the hands of a person who has no other means to acquire it, lives are transformed and valuable pieces of medical equipment are kept out of local landfills. What we do is simple, innovative, and unique: we provide refurbished medical equipment and other assistive technology devices to individuals who need it.

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