Scotty is a vibrant, bubbly, 6-year-old who was born with Phocomelia which is a rare birth defect characterized by severe malformation of the extremities. His mother reached out to Project MEND in desperate need of a power chair that more closely fit Scotty’s needs. The current chair he was using was too big for his classroom and did not match his functionality. Scotty’s mother had reached out to different organizations in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area but had no success in finding an organization willing to help.

Through Project MEND’s Medical Equipment Reuse program, we were able to match Scotty with a power chair that more closely met his needs. Despite the 5-hour drive to San Antonio, Scotty and his mother made the journey down to pick up the chair. Through your donations of used medical equipment Project MEND can make a world of difference in the lives of children like Scotty.



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